Download this self-playing video "Trailer" movie of the game in action:

  Full-Screen Version HERE
( 24Meg AVI - DivX format ).

See Concept Sketches


  Before any digital art is developed for the game, our dedicated team of artists prepares detailed sketches for each item, character and environment.  Get a behind-the-scenes view of some of this original artwork Here.


  Each chapter carries new and unique supporting characters for your journey through the world of Siege of Avalon.  We have created a way to preview some of these forces of Avalon.
Chapter 1 Preview
          Chapter 2 Preview
Chapter 3 Preview          Chapter 4 Preview
Chapter 5 Preview          Chapter 6 Preview


  Have a look at some of the game environments for each chapter.
Chapter 1 Screen Shots
Chapter 2 Screen Shots
Chapter 3 Screen Shots
Chapter 4 Screen Shots
Chapter 5 Screen Shots
Chapter 6 Screen Shots

See Wallpaper Images


  Improve your computing experience with great wallpaper images for your windows desktop Here.


Click to see the Credits screen from the game


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