These eagle-eyed bowmen make up a rather large portion of the Sha'ahoul forces. The archers are lightly armored, highly mobile, and have perfected their skills with years of hunting on their native plains.

Possessing but a small portion of the power that the mighty Mithras holds in abundance, a Shaman mage is nonetheless a foe to be reckoned with. They provide leadership and added firepower for many Sha'ahoul units.

A curious-looking yet vicious predator, the Merscwog possesses a potent bite, and its claws can shred a man in short order. Little is known of these beasts, save that they find scholars quite delicious.

Rumored to be the creation of a mage whose name has been lost to the ages, giant spiders are the stuff of nightmares. Easily outweighing the largest hound, these arachnoids can turn an armored man into an empty husk in mere moments.

A hulking brute almost as strong as he is slow-witted, an ogre is quick to flatten any hero who isn't prepared to stand against the blows of his crude, yet unquestionably effective, club. 

Dangers in Avalon often come from unexpected sources. The very ground beneath a hero's feet can hide wily monsters, such as the hinge-jawed Vore Worms. With their speed and burrowing ability, these monsters should keep any adventurer on his toes.


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