The Lurkers are the warped descendants of a cursed race.  Some, however, still retain enough of their wits to plead for any aid in freeing them from their tormented existence.

Death offered no rest to these tireless warriors. Recalled to duty by arcane arts of the blackest sort, they now follow their dark masters with unquestioning loyalty. 

Living boulders with hearts of stone, cave golems attack any living creatures that venture far into the caverns beneath Avalon. In addition to their immense strength, they are can be nearly indistinguishable from the cavern walls until they strike.

The mortal remains of the fallen scout Lydia now serve a tremendous evil stirring beneath the halls of Avalon. Already dead, this enspelled corpse feels no pain, and will press its attacks until it is completely obliterated.
Sha'ahoul warriors may be human, Ahoul, or hybrid. They form the bulk of the besieging forces and are fervently loyal to Mithras.

From beyond the grave, this dark sorcerer's power and vileness know no limits.  Undisputed master of netherworld magic, all minions of the grave bow before the awesome power of this king of the dead.


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