These clan leaders are the spiritual elders of  the warrior caste and can be found meditating among the clans.  Magic is their means of defense.

Expert in siege warfare and tactical maneuvers, General Ovoron is a force to reckon with on the battlefield. 

Mages speculate whether this mixed race has evolved from humans or snakes. Regardless, Naga warriors eagerly join the cause of evil for a chance to relish in the spread of mayhem and destruction.

Sha'ahoul conjurers are former Sha'man mages that have completed a series of ancient rituals, sacrificing a portion of their souls to allow their bodies to contain more spiritual magic. They are the elite bodyguards of Mithras, and the command both the Sha'man mages and warrior caste in the field of battle.

Bred for their viciousness and keen sense of smell, they serve their Ahoul masters well. The hunt is everything to these beastly creatures that love to drag down their exhausted prey and tear them apart. To a war dog, nothing beats a nice Avalonian leg bone for an after-dinner snack.

These warhorses are the pride of the Sha'ahoul, for they easily outdistance standard kingdom warhorses with their blazing speed.  The Sha'ahoul prize speed and stealth over size and strength in a mount.



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