These bizarre lumbering hulks, covered in dense, coarse fur, should be avoided if at all possible. Few arctic denizens dare oppose these undisputed rulers of the wilderness; those unwise enough to attempt such foolhardy action are given a new occupation redecorating their bellies from the inside.

Created from crushed velvet and leather, it has been styled to cover the entire head and droop over the top of the face.  It is lined with ancient symbols along its white, tapered hem.

Elazar's book of magic, which is capable of  translating ancient scrolls of lost and forgotten enchantments into usable spells.

From the boiling pits of bottomless lava pools emerge creatures of super-heated rock. Mages speculate that they are either imprisoned earth elementals or unique magma entities seeking to establish or protect their territory.

The grave was not enough to contain these winged terrors as their insubstantial forms fly about seeking to steal from others what they no longer have... life.

This rather grisly-looking tome holds the most important aspects of Felious' life's work.  It is chilling to the touch, and it seems to smell faintly of grave-mold.



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