Devoted to his brother and the people of Avalon, Corvus is ready to protect and defend the only life that he knows and has left.

True of spirit and lethal with a blade, these formidable female warriors are believed to be the living descendants of the fabled Valkyrie from the mythical realm of Asgard. They seek to overcome their adversaries both physically and mentally.

A former Fornaxan mage who foolishly lusted for power beyond his comprehension, he is now forced to live what remains of a life deep underground. A curse has befallen him, and although he has been granted the glory of invincibility to magic, his shattered mind forces him to prey upon the flesh of men.

These knights are chosen to lead the King through the treacherous lands that surround Avalon.

The tyrant of the Sha'ahoul and terror to the people of the Seven Kingdoms, Mithras is a force to be reckoned with. None challenge his leadership, for those who do are never heard from again.

Avalon's greatest archer, Captain Calvaric commands his warriors and carefully calculates the demands of his superiors to defeat Mithras and the large number of invading Sha'ahoul.



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