Nimble of foot, long of ear, swift of sword, and deadly with a bow, elves are the soldiers of the woodlands. Able to move soundlessly within their forested kingdoms, few enemies can sense their presence until it is too late. As a magical people of nature, those who would defile their lands have much to fear from the elves.

These foul creatures are believed to be descendants of a clan of corrupt humans whose blood was mixed with that of some evil reptilian deity long ago. As repulsive as they are vicious, and as cunning as pack animals, these primitive tribesmen eagerly scour the lands for humanoid slaves--or snacks.

The legend of this magnificent beast tells that when the world was first created, and nature spread across its surface, a sacred embodiment of the purity of nature was born to represent all the peaceful creatures therein.  They are living treasures whose safety should always be assured.

With their spirits broken from constant toil and punishment by their masters, slaves usually lack the ability to flee, let alone challenge those who imprison them.  Their only hope is that some brave soul may one day liberate them from their captivity.
From the darkest corners of the netherworld creep these insubstantial creatures that seek to devour the essences of all living things.  It is rumored that these creatures hoard powerful treasures, so that they might lure foolhardy victims into their clutches.

Larger than the biggest canine companion, but just slightly smaller then a horse, wolves are deadly pack animals whose chilling howls can be heard in the wind for miles during the coldest of nights.