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  Siege of Avalon Names

  Hi! In the coming monthss, you'll get to learn about the other peoples of the realm. (And more! if you're signed up for Chapters 3, 4, and 5) But you've seen the Sha'ahoul, so what do you think?

  The Sha'ahoul horde consists of humans, half-orcs and orcs. The humans are called Shaman and the orcs are called the Ahoul. Thus, collectively, they're known as Sha'ahoul. Now, on the pronunciation guide, I asked my friend to think up ways to convey sounds. He's in the foreign service and he's studied lots of languages. When you see the capitalized letters in a word, that means to think about how that part of the word sounds like. Then try pronouncing the name.


sha'ah like SHAH of Iran, oul like cOOL.



  And on the other side (that's you!), you're from a region known as Eurale. Eurale consists of the seven kingdoms: Taberland, Elythria, Cathea, Aratoy, Nisos, Fornax, and Oriam. Each kingdom has its own characteristics, just like each Sha'ahoul clan is a bit different.


Eu like EUrope, ale like ALLey

  Next, I've got a list of names of characters (some you've met, some you haven't yet). I looked up the etymology as best I could. At this time, people generally recycled names from previous generations or they took names from folklore or other languages. Surnames reflected professions or lineage.

Mudam (y'remember him? he was the master of the scouts

Mu like MOO, d like Dumb, a like Ah, m like Momma.

Calvaric (minister of defense)

Cal like CALvin, then v like Violin, a like Ah, ric like RICK.

Calum Celtic: "dove" or Gaelic: "Servant of st Columba"

Ca like CAr, lum like coLUMN

Deman Dutch: "tame" or Anglo-Saxon: "judge"

De like DAY, ma like MA, n like maN

(he's the signpost guy)

Mithras (leader of the Sha'ahoul)

Mith like MITT, ras like RASputin

Anora English: "light" (the cook)

A like Ah, nora like NORA.

Elazar Hebrew: "God helps" or Basque: "help of God" (Seer)

E like dAY, la like LA di da, zar like SARcasm

Jonfirt (ambassador from Aratoy)

J like Honey, on like AWwww, firt like FERTile

Ovoron (a General)

Ovor like OVARy, on like turning ON a light.

Ryence in Arthurian Legend: a Welsh King

RY like RYan, ence like compliANCE

Isdernus in Arthurian Legend: knight of Arthur

Is like dIStress, der like epiDERmal, n like maN, us like gUS

Ahane Irish: "From the little ford"

Ah like Ah, ane like inANE

Amycus in Greek mythology: a son of Poseidon

Amy like AMEthyst, cus like abaCUS

Arno French: "little eagle"

Ar like ARnold when Schwartzeneggar says his name, no like NO

Cardew Celtic: "from the black fort"

Ca like CAr, de like DUh, w like Violin.

Cavan Gaelic: "handsome" or Irish: "From Cavan"

Ca like CAr, v like caVe, a like ah, n like maN.

Phelan Celtic: "wolf" or Gaelic: "little wolf"

Phe like FAIl, lan like LANd

Ner from a Welsh legend

Ner like NURture

Sande listening to Tore H. Boe


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