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 Main Resource Links

 General Game Usage: Help on playing the game (a copy is also on your PC)
 General Technical Support: The best starting point  for all things technical
 Download Manager: Please read this if you have ANY download errors
 Game "Updates": Available from our Update page, also see FAQ
 Configure Game Tool: The handy helper tool we installed with the game
 Win95/98 General Troubleshooting FAQ: Common issues for Windows
 Win95/98 General Video FAQ: Common issues for Video systems
 Win95/98 Sound Troubleshooting FAQ: Stops some nasty crashes!
 Updating Drivers FAQ: Common issues updating your critical drivers
 Direct-X Issues: Common issues with this vital Windows package
 Microsoft Knowledgebase: Search their database of known solutions
  We offer lots of useful information in the resources linked above. Please do review these links for all your support needs. Additional information is provided below. XP users can reference the 95/98 FAQ's above, but may find some menu locations and control terms changed.

 SoundBlaster Live Users: Please take special note of our Sound Troubleshooting FAQ.

  How do I enter my Subscription Serial Number?

  You do NOT need to register to play the free Chapter 1, unless you have also installed the retail Chapter 2. If the game stops and prompts you to buy a Chapter so that you can play it then you need to buy and/or enter your private proof-of-purchase serial number (included in the Order Receipt email sent to you from Digital River) here by clicking the Register button and entering the 15-digit number. Click the image below for a full sized example. Note: we no longer sell individual Chapters.

  Anthology CD users should never be prompted for any serial numbers. Spanish CD users will only be prompted once. If you are prompted then you may have to uninstall/install from the original CD, or you may have received an unauthorized copy that will never work. Do not apply a "Download Chapter Update" to the CD version of the game, or the game will be broken and it will prompt for a serial number.

Click to see full sized example

  Hints and Cheats

  These issues are handled via the Game Hints and Play Guides section of the various Fan Sites.

  Contacting Us

  Tech Support: Please  see the Main Resource Links above, and our FAQ (telephone support only offered to Anthology CD customers, see numbers in User's Manual).

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