Win95/98 Sound Troubleshooting FAQ


This document is intended to help you with problems related to sound playback that can occur frequently in Windows 95 and 98.

I can hear sounds and music with other applications, but not in this game.
    You probably just need to enable sound in the game or turn up the volume. Check the Option screen settings within the game. If you have already done this and still cannot get sound, you may need to update your sound card drivers. For more information on this topic, see the section below entitled "How do I update my sound card drivers?"

    Our Game Novels use DirectX, so make sure that you have installed the latest version available from Microsoft. For more information on DirectX and DirectX related problems please check out our DirectX FAQ.

    There is a possibility that your sound driver has a conflict with Direct-X Sound Acceleration. Click on the "Configure Game" tool in the Siege of Avalon program group in your Start bar (click HERE for help), try turning the "Use DirectSound" on and off a couple times (try game after each click) to see if any setting will make it work. You can change your Direct Sound settings to bypass this conflict (this may be especially helpful with Sound Blaster Live cards) as follows:


    1. Click on Start, then on RUN, then type DXDIAG and click OK
    2. Confirm that your DirectX Version is at least as new as DirectX 7.0, then click the Sound tab.
    3. Confirm that Driver / Certified shows Yes. Click on the Test DirectSound button and follow the directions until the test is completed.
    4. When the test is completed the Notes display should show "All tests were successful." Otherwise you may need to update your sound card drivers or seek assistance from your computer or sound card manufacturer.
    5. If all the above go well and you are still having any potential problems with the sound portion of the game, or solid game lock/crashes, then you should lower the DirectX Features / Acceleration Level. This part of the display can change depending on your sound driver software. However, the objective is to keep lowering the Acceleration Level until the driver conflict is resolved and the game can perform normally.
I cannot hear any sounds or music in any application at all. I can hear sounds or music, but not both. The sound effects or music in the game are distorted. How Can I Find My Current Sound Card Settings?

How do I update my sound card drivers?

The game's music skips a lot, or the sound overall is very choppy. How can I optimize my system for my CD-ROM drive?
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