DirectX FAQ


This document is intended to help you with problems that can occur with Microsoft's DirectX.

General Information

DirectX is essentially a large set of hardware drivers that Microsoft put together in order to make programming games easier. The drivers included in DirectX all conform to certain standard. When you install DirectX its installation program will determine what type of hardware you are using, and install the drivers that are needed for your game to work on your system.

Siege of Avalon can NOT run reliably on Direct-X version 7.0 or version 8.0 (or any x.0 version). You must use version 7a or 8a or better. It is our current understand that Direct-X 8.1 is both stable and faster than prior versions when used with our game.

You can download the most current version of DirectX from Microsoft's web site at:

Use Microsoft's Direct-X Troubleshooter by clicking HERE!

Questions and Answers

I've installed the current version of DirectX  but the game's graphics or sounds don't seem right. After I installed DirectX, I rebooted the computer as instructed, and now the graphics or sounds on my entire computer are all messed up! Where can I find updated drivers for my hardware?
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