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Awards and Titles (A)

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  Press the "A" key to enter/leave this screen, which will show any special Awards/Titles that the player has been awarded. These can add a whole assortment of benefits and capabilities to your character.

Character Stats (C)

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  Press the "C" key to enter/leave this screen, which shows the skill level and attack/damage stats of the player. A description of each stat and value can be obtained by moving the cursor over the item.

  If there are any training points, they can be distributed from the Character Stats screen by clicking on the arrows to the right of the Stats in the Primary Column.

  NOTE: In order for the stats of weapons to be included while a weapon is equipped, the player must be in combat mode. In other words, even if you have a sword equipped, your stats will be reflected as if you do not have a sword if you are not in combat mode.

Combat Mode (SPACE)

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  You can turn on/off combat mode by pressing the SPACE bar. When in combat mode the player character will yield a weapon (if equipped) and crossed swords will appear behind the portrait of the character in the top right corner of the screen.

  Once in combat mode, target the object you wish to attack and click. The player character will automatically attack the character until one of you dies.

  Make sure combat mode is disabled when looting corpses and conversing with other characters.


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  To open an item (Chest, Door, anything that highlights purple), walk to the item you wish to open, move your cursor over the item until it highlights and click on it.

  To close an item, left-click on it while holding down the <CONTROL> key. To help you know exactly where to click to close an item hold down the <CONTROL> key and move your mouse to find where it causes the target item to be highlighted. To close a door you need to place the mouse at the same spot that would otherwise be used to open the door.

Converse with an NPC

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  Make sure combat-mode is disabled (press SPACE if your character image in the far top-right of the screen shows crossed swords behind it).  Walk to the non-hostile NPC (Non-Player Character, anyone that isn't you) with whom you wish to converse. Click on the NPC.

  Note: before you approach a character to talk to him/her it is a good idea to notice what color they highlight when your mouse passes over them. The possible colors are:

  • Green = Friend

  • Yellow = Neutral

  • Red = Hostile

Friendly vs. Hostile NPCs

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  By placing the cursor over an NPC (Non-Player Character, not your character), you can see if it is a Friend (Green), Foe/Hostile (Red), or Neutral (Yellow).

HELP Screen (F1)

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  You can access the quick internal HELP menu by pressing the F1 key.

Inventory (I)

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  Pressing "I" or clicking the "inventory" icon brings up the Players Inventory screen. The items on the left are the items that the player is carrying.

  The items on the silhouette (body drawing) are the items the player has equipped (is actually carrying and using). To equip an item click and drag the item to the silhouette.

  While dragging the item, notice which area of the silhouette turns red. These are the areas where the item can be placed. Also notice the text displayed on the screen as you interact with the inventory items, as this provides vital information.

  Right-click on items to see details on the current item.

  If you don't have what it takes to use an item in your inventory then its image will be grayed/disabled so that you can't try to equip it.

Inventory Transfer Screen

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  The Inventory Transfer Screen displays the items for your character on the left and the object (corpse, chest, etc.) you are transferring items from/to on the Right.

  To move Items from one screen to the other simply click and drag the item. The areas that the item can fit are lighter than the used areas. Place the item in an unused area.

  At the bottom of the screen is a box that is used to place items on the ground. Use this by dragging the items to the box. An image will appear showing that the item has been placed on the ground.

  You can see all the items placed on the ground by using the arrows beside the ground box. You can pick up items off the ground by clicking the image in the ground box and dragging it to an empty spot in your inventory.

  By clicking on "All", the items that will fit will be moved in the direction specified by the arrow.

Load/Save Screen

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  Hit ESCAPE to access the main menu, then select "SAVE" or "LOAD" to access the correct menu.

  To SAVE a game, click on the slot you wish to save your game to and type in a description for the game you are saving. Save the game by clicking "SAVE".

  To LOAD a game, click on the slot you wish to LOAD and click the "LOAD" icon.

Looting a corpse

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  Make sure combat-mode is disabled (press SPACE if your character portrait in the far top-right of the screen shows crossed swords behind it). Walk to the corpse. Click on the corpse. This will bring up an inventory transfer screen. You can not place items on a corpse, once you select them you must put them in your inventory or place them on the ground.

Main Menu Screen (ESC)

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  Press the ESCAPE key to access the Main Menu from inside the game. This provides access to game Save/Load, Options, and other important features.

  The UPDATE command returns control to the game loader so that it can contact our WEB on the Internet and determine what updates, expansions, and other new features are available for your use. We strongly encourage to check for updates at least every few weeks.

Map (M)

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  Press the "M" key to enter/leave this screen. This shows the areas of the current map that the player has explored. The player's position is represented by the Red dot on the map.

Merchant Transactions

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  You can purchase/sell items to/from a merchant. Do this by conversing with the merchant. He will ask you if you wish to purchase something from him. If you reply yes then you will see the merchant screen.

  To Purchase an item, select the item and click "Buy". The item will then be transferred from the Merchant's Inventory to yours.

  To Sell an item, select the item and click "Sell". The item will be transferred from your inventory to the Merchant's.

Option Screen (O)

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  Press the "O" key to enter this screen where you can set the volume level of the sound effects as well as the music by adjusting the slide bar to the desired setting.

  Shadows can be disabled to improve performance on slower machines.

  The spell section shows the spells that the player has available and what hot keys are assigned to it. You can assign hot keys by selecting the spell you wish to set then pressing a key (F5-F8).

  Use the Hot Keys to quickly switch over to another spell by pressing F5-F8 during game play.

Spells (S)

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  Bring up the available spells by either clicking on the "selected spell" icon or pressing "S". This will bring up all the icons for the spells you can cast at that time.

  Select a spell by clicking an icon. To cast the selected spell, target an object and RIGHT-Click.

X-Ray Vision (X)

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  Press the "X" key to toggle the X-Ray Vision feature. This allows you to see your character even when he passes behind walls and such. Some items, and some sections of walls (mostly doors and corners) will remain visible to help you navigate the map. This feature can slow game play on some computers.


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