A taste of Chapter 4

  A cool autumn wind blew through the forest, stirring up leaves and rustling them about the feet of the survivors. The once-pure land surrounding Avalon now lay corrupt with the bodies of a squad of invading Sha’ahoul warriors.

  A difficult battle against great numbers of the enemy had taken place, and the heroes of Avalon had not escaped unscathed. The gentle breeze revitalized the weary men as they prepared to take their leave of the forest. This breeze brought with it not only the sweet scent of nature surrounding them, but also a faint, disturbing smell of smoke ...from... Home!

  Bidding his regards to the knight and his companions, the brother of Corvus, hero from the lands of Elythria, quickly began his long-overdue journey back to the keep. An immediate report of the current situation was due Sir Roth, where perhaps the young man could learn the source behind ominous burning scent filling the winds from Avalon, and of the impending doom lurking just outside her castle walls.

  Welcome to the fourth chapter in the ongoing saga of Siege of Avalon. In our latest chapter, the rising hero of Avalon (you) shall be immersed within the vast encampment of the Sha’ahoul invaders that wait just outside the walls of Avalon. Before, the lands cried out for someone with might and strength of arm, or with a developing mastery of the magical arts; now the time for stealth has come. The scout, master of reconnaissance, shall now take a step further and evolve into something greater. Brute force is not the answer, for the hordes of enemies would certainly overwhelm any outsider who openly approached their camp, ending your mission prematurely. No, my comrades, now is the time of precise and selective action, where you must become one with the silent darkness to ensure the survival of Avalon. Key targets within the ranks of the invaders must be identified, Sir Roth informed, and only then shall any righteous orders be forthcoming. Press on, heroes, for the fire burns ever closer...

  May the good spirits watch over you.


Philip Horn and Garth Sitton @ Digital Tome

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A Taste of Chapter 4

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