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  Contest Winners

  Hihihi!  Here's the winners to our recent contests. Many thanx to everyone who submitted entries. We all enjoyed reading them and look forward to more.  

Contest #1: Name the Crocopod

Winner:  Spencer Allain

   If any of you did the Monk Herb Quest, you might have come across some Unnamed Scavenger Beasties. Guess what those were? Well, now we know, thanks to Spencer Allain, who appears to be well-versed in the etymology and local language of Avalon. 
merscwog - mersc (old english for marsh) + wog (short for polliwog)

I imagine it being pronounced like "Mer-schwog" or rather "merschwog" where it sounds like a drunk person slurring all the letters together in a curse as in "You merschwog"

  Spencer sez:  "I've always wanted to have some contribution, regardless of how small, to the development of a computer game. I'm a software engineer, so at least I get to design and develop applications and toolkits, but there is something unique about games; especially RPGs." 


  Spencer gets the "Warrior" poster from Nexis Handcrafted Jewellery and Digital Tome's future release, Pillars of Avalon.


Contest #2: Design Your Alter Ego

Winner:  Daniel Brown

   Wow! There were many late entries to Contest #2 and among them was this 5-page story from Daniel Brown. The story detailed the hardships and memories of Anthamas Shadomar, a resident inside the castle at Avalon. Btw, Rigas will be showcasing the runner-up and winning alter egos. If you wrote up something for the contest, please submit it to the Fan Fiction or Fan Art site. Everything you add to the lore of Avalon will be of great assistance. Daniel will receive the Great Helm from Museum Replicas Limited and a Surprise! from Sande.

1st Runner-Up:  Darrell Langley 

2nd Runner-Up: Ken Siemek

  I'll admit, the Surprise! was hard-going at first when Daniel wrote that he didn't listen to rock music. I don't have CD's of Irish jigs, but I can direct people to a wonderful local band in Houston, TX. The Texas Guinness Lovers combine their love of American drinking songs with their Irish heritage. They recently won Best Cover Band (again) in the Houston Press Music Awards, mainly because they'll take country, or heck, a lot of other things too, and do unique arrangements of the songs. As for the Surprise!, Daniel, you'll just have to wait until you get the package!  :)

  Daniel, a class valedictorian, recently graduated from high school and he intends to study computer science or engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in NY.  He has worked for the upstate NY ISP, Franchise Communications, Inc., where he does tech support, web page design, and helps to maintain the servers. 

  Runner-up Darrell Langley didn't offer any tidbits about himself, but look at this drawing he submitted. So, we're sending him "a little something" because of that extra effort  I saw runner-up Ken Siemek in the DT offices yesterday. A perk of living near Houston, I suppose! 

  Ken sez: "I'm just a computer programmer (aren't we all?) with a passion for stories! Been rpg'ing since I was a wee youth back in the hills of Houston and writing even before then!" 

  Houston had hills??? 


  Finally, Iíve mentioned this before. I wanted to do a zine article on the fans. Itís inspired a little bit by the cute fan letter in the Groceries (another local band) CD liner notes. This contest is more low-key because I want you to be honest.

ĎTil next time,



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