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  Spells and Tips

  Here is a quick taste of the Chapter One spells:

  CHARGE - All magi-in-training start out with Charge. It sorta looks like an electrical storm (at least it does to me). Charge does damage which is equal to a percentage of the opponent’s hit points.

  HEAL - Heal improves your health. You should see the effects on your health indicator. To heal yourself, do not select a target. Simply right-click. To heal others, highlight the person and right-click.

  HOLD - A lot of people have discovered this spell. Hold confines your target to a single spot.

  FLAME - Fireball. This is a good spell to have.

  FROST - Ice Storm. It’s the icy counterpart to Flame, but it travels slower than Flame.

 The effectiveness of all of these spells increases with a higher level of Mysticism.

  To speed up performance on an older machine, go to Options in the Main Menu and toggle off object shadows. You might also consider freeing up resources by shutting down the virus scanner or any currently running programs.

  If you click on ‘F2’, the hotkey for Auto-Save, you will save a game called Quick Save. If you start the game with a different main character and you press ‘F2’ again, it will write over your initial saved program. If you think, a-ha, I’ll just rename the first Quick Save and then click ‘Save’, that won’t help either. Whenever you click ‘Save,’ the game will save whatever is going on presently.

  If you are exploring the different training styles, the best way to do saves is to go to the Save menu. Select the name of the game you want to save and click ‘Save.’ On the left, you should see the character’s name and where he’s standing in the game.

  I generally use the keyboard. ‘X’ will toggle X-ray vision. ‘J’ is for journal. Etc. It’s the same as clicking on the journal icon on the interface. Some of you have noticed the four slots on the bottom left of the interface. Yup, those are for your other party members. Their pix will be there. When you get more party members, you’ll be able to click on a pix and control that particular party member. Your main character’s pix on top will fade to parchment colour.

  Lastly, to loot or talk to NPC’s, make sure you are out of combat mode (press the space bar). The crossed swords will disappear from the pix of your main character. Also, in the game, you will no longer be carrying your weapon in a threatening manner.

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