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Heart of Avalon

  Wow. The results of the naming contest are in! There were 431 unique names submitted and I don’t know how many entries - a whole lot. All the names (sans repeats) were cut and pasted into a separate file and evaluated on their own individual merits. All I can tell you is that it took a while to decide on the e-zine name because there were some pretty strong contenders.

  But someone has to win, right? I think it’s pretty nifty that Mark Meyer, a Marketing Associate with the satellite services branch of HBO, will receive the stunning 24 x 36 Siege of Avalon Debut Poster, the subscription to Siege, and a "Perfect Collection" edition of all 25 Chapters of Pillars of Avalon. He submitted the name, “Heart of Avalon.” Thanks Mark!

  We liked “Heart of Avalon” because it had different layers of meaning. Not only did it connect well with the story of Siege and the upcoming game, Pillars of Avalon, but it also reflected the purpose of the e-zine. It was succinct, but not too obvious, and I think it also tied in with the overall tone of the games.

  Anyway, after the prize notification, Mark Meyer wrote via e-mail that he’s been an avid fan of RPG’s, even back to the early 80’s with The Sword of Fargoal, so I figure we’re all glad that the prize will go to a devoted gamer.

  If there could be runner-ups, “Cry Havoc!” was pretty much universally liked. I think I need a Shakespeare quoting guide for my b’day. Well, there were plenty of literary (or cinematic) references in the submissions, beginning with “A Tale of Two Tomes.” Or how about “The Siege of Avalon or How I Lived and Learned to Love the Trebuchet”?

  I had to go scrabbling for a really thorough dictionary for names like “The Adventurer’s Ephemeris: The Secrets of Avalon” and “The Avalon Athenaeum.” Vocab alert. Watch out, I might have to start reading the Old English Dictionary to keep up.

  On the cuteness scale, I really liked “Avalonline.” We liked the word play of “The Avalon Sagazine,” “Besieged,” and punny submissions like “The Knightly News” and “Rites of Avalon.” There was also “Scenes from a Mauling: The Siege of Avalon Saga.”

  It was obvious that some people had done a bit of reading on the website with submissions referring to Mithras, Oriam, or the Sha’ahoul. Other people offered a way to link the e-zine to the game with such names as “Avalon Defense Bulletin” or “The Chamberlain’s Report.” “Avalon: The Hidden Scriptures” was one of my Top 10 picks.

  A lot of submissions had journalism roots, with variations on gazette, courier, press, post, chronicles, news, scrolls, records, journal, and herald. Tho’ there was only one “Avalon’s Flying Pigeon.”

  Others wanted to reflect the electronic times by appending “e” or
“cyber.” “The Cyber Guild Gazette,”  “E-Avalon Grapevine” and “eQuill of Avalon” are some examples.

  The heroic spirit resonated in names like “Avalon: Honour and Magic” while other entries, like “Whispers from the Shadows” conveyed mystery. “Secrets of Avalon” was another runner-up.

  I’d like to thank everyone that participated in the e-zine naming contest. I appreciate your efforts!

  As always, if you want to see something covered in the zine, just send me an e-mail.

  Til next time,
listening to the CURE

From Mark:

  Here's a "tiny bio"...

  I studied music at the University of Minnesota in the '80's, which led to several years singing with various professional opera companies throughout the Midwest and NY.  Oddly enough, after moving to NY in '96 to build my career I found my way into the Marketing field and have been doing that ever since.

  Some of my favorite games -RPG and otherwise- are Might and Magic 6, Daggerfall, the Ultima series, Heroes of Might and Magic series, and Sim City.

  As stated earlier; I am very excited about your new offering "Siege of Avalon" and patiently await the opportunity to play what will surely be my new favorite!


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