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  14 September 2004

 Game and Web

  Finally Some Progress!: Dominique recently managed to cross-compile the new version on Windows and Linux using FreePascal ( http://www.freepascal.org ), and got the Intro and MainMenu interfaces working, but there is still much to do to get the engine working. Theoretically since it compiles with FreePascal, the engine should also work on MacOS X as well when it is done.

Once the engine port is done it should still be compatible with chapters 1-6.

Hope this is good news for anyone wondering about this project. Very small steps, but we are getting there.

 23 June 2003

 Game and Web

  Going Open Source!: In order to give the Siege game an extended practical life, allow ongoing player support, give the game a chance to be made available on other platforms, and to share our technical learning experience with the game development community, the Board of Directors at Digital Tome LP have agreed to release the Delphi source to the Siege game to the Open Source community under an LGPL license!  A new web site will be established on SourceForge.net as the home of the game project.  The project will be at http://sourceforge.net/projects/soaos/

  THE Man!:  At this time it appears that Dominique Louis of DelphiGamer will be the new Siege project leader.  He was a significant contributor to the Siege development, and a consistent advocate of open Delphi game design resources.  See savage

  Web Expiring:  This web site is soon to expire.  It appears that the Digital Tome management are electing to not renew this cost/site and so this may not be here much longer.  It appears that the replacement site will be at http://soaos.sourceforge.net/

 9 August 2002


  Change in Product Offering: With the continuing successful sales of our Anthology CD we have withdrawn the online/downloadable game Chapters. Due to an odd convergence of costs related to Electronic Software Distribution we are unable to provide the downloads for the same attractive prices now offered for the Anthology CD by some outlets.

 24 July 2001


  A Speaking Tome: There are 2 radio interviews with Digital Tome's founders that you can listen to here:
Visit the GPF site

Click to hear Real Audio of interview
Interview #1, August 2000
Before release of Chapter 2

Click to visit interview site
Interview #2, July 2001
The completion of Chapter 6

 27 June 2001


  The Grand Finale of the Siege of Avalon.

  Siege of Avalon (tm) is the first Episodic Game Novel (tm) from Digital Tome, an innovator in the delivery of CD-quality downloadable games sold in multiple episodes called "Chapters." Siege of Avalon  is a story-driven "traditional" medieval Computer-Role-Playing-Game released in six parts. Chapter 6 is now available directly from HERE. This Chapter is the grand finale of the Siege of Avalon  game, and sets the stage for the sequel Pillars of Avalon. This Chapter is for all classes of game player. It concludes the main story elements, and takes the player into the ultimate battle for the survival of all the 7 Kingdoms.

  Digital Tome, a Houston Texas based company launched Siege of Avalon  to introduce their unique Episodic vision.

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