Tidbits, Progress, Teasers...

 8 Jan  

  The First Siege CD is HERE! If you've been wanting to try the Siege of Avalon experience, but you just couldn't download the 94Meg free file (slow connection, pay-per-minute ISP, etc.), NOW we have a great solution for you! We've put both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 on a CD and have arranged with Digital River to make this available for worldwide delivery at about the normal price of Chapter 2 plus CD production, shipping, and handling. Come join the Avalon experience, click HERE!

 5 Jan  

  Special Feature Pack #2: New game engine features under development! When you asked for character Run and other features we added them in our first Special Feature Pack. We've been monitoring the comments on the Discussion Forum and are in the process of coding a new set of requested features. Being an evolving episodic game we have the unique opportunity to implement your suggestions as the game is being developed. Our thanks to all of your for the excellent and thoughtful suggestions.

New with Chapter 4:

  • Names on maps
  • Equip Party NPC's (some items locked from change)

New with Chapter 5:

  • Fast Teleport map to move about quickly through already explored areas (mostly inside the Castle).

  When the Special Feature Pack  is completed we will integrate it into the Updates for all the prior game Chapters, so that everyone will benefit.

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