An e-magazine about the Siege of Avalon  experience.


   Let me welcome you to this 3rd incarnation of our Heart of Avalon  e-zine. We are now providing various articles and stories by you, the players and fans of Siege of Avalon.

  In 1999 we launched this eZine (even before we had a name for it), and we were graced by the services of Sandy Chen who took some time away from her many other professional and hobby writing venues to help us generate interest and anticipation for the debut launch of Chapter 1.

  Once the game was actually launched we switched this page to information about the content and ongoing Chapter developments of the game itself.

  Now that the game is completed we are opening the focus to include a broader spectrum of related materials, with an eye on letting you the game players share your various talents and visions with each other in a more structured format than our Discussion Forum (which you really should also visit).

  We are anticipating fan fiction stories mostly, but also welcome articles about any related subject (like the history and realities of sieges, the weapons and tactics of the period, life in a castle, whatever interests you). If you'd like to contribute then please email for further information and access to the editing team).


  • Fan Fiction

    Prelude to the game, set in time before Player arrives at Avalon

    • Yet To Be Posted

    Additional events happening at the same time as the game story

    Epilog to the game, set in time after Player defeats Mithras


  • General Articles

    History and realities of castle life

    • Yet To Be Posted

    Evolution, realities, and demise of siege warfare

    • Yet To Be Posted




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