The Avalon Saga

   The vision for the two tales of Avalon spans over 400 years. Siege of Avalon introduces the manifest incarnation of evil ambition, Mithras. Though still a mortal being, he commands great powers and seems unstoppable in his push to grind under his heel any peoples free from his control. Avalon is the last fortress that seriously challenges his progress.

    Deep within the war weary citadel of Avalon beats the hearts of the most rare of people, true heroes. People whose courage and strength become the literal "stuff of myths." Breaking the Siege around Avalon will require such legendary adventure, and is the focus of this first game novel.

   Through the following 4 centuries the fate of Avalon grows more dim. In the game novel Pillars of Avalon (soon to be launched) we return to the once grand citadel only to find it a discarded rubble in the hands of the forces serving the now immortal demi-god spirit of Mithras. The people no longer even dream of heroes, only survival. And yet, once more a challenger will rise, an immortal foe will be vanquished, and a previously unknown name will be enshrined as a new legend is begun.

Delve deeper into the stories of Avalon

Siege of Avalon "Book Cover" description.
his is a short introduction to the Siege plot.

Visit the Teller of Old Stories.
  This is a general history of the events leading up to the setting in the Siege of Avalon game. This story is from the opening sequence of the game.

The first Journal entry.
  This is the journal of the player character just days before the start of the game.

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