What's hot about Siege of Avalon?

Game Style | System Requirements

  Episodic Game Novels are about the immersion of a progressive story told over time through an engaging interactive gaming environment. Each game "Chapter" is a complete adventure full of story, quests, challenges, and character development. However, when the Chapters are combined they form a larger whole, a complete experience centered around an evolving plot, like Chapters in a Novel.

  Our 2D Isometric system supports dynamic shadow casting, flickering lighting, X-Ray vision through walls, true point-to-point projectiles and spells, real-time CharacterLAB™ rendering of an impressive number of fully animated diverse sprites on the screen at the same time. Too much "techno-speak" for you? Well, the screen shots can help, but the free Chapter 1 of the game is available for download and a little time with it will make all of this clear... See the game screen shots in our Gallery. You can also learn quite a bit at our FAQ.

   Game Style

  Siege of Avalon is a "traditional" medieval fantasy RPG with real-time combat. The player is a young human male  who just arrived on the scene at the culmination of a 12-year-long war. His skills and specialized capabilities will evolve throughout the game as the player decides, instead of being fixed by a "class" or "race" selection at the start of the game. Siege is a single-player game, with various Party members (as you advance to later game Chapters) who can be added and dropped from the Party throughout the game. The Player can "assume full control" of any Party member at will. Learn more from our Frequently Asked Questions section here.

   System Requirements

  We've designed the game engine to not require the most current "bleeding edge" game/3D technology to run. Generally it will work on reasonably current multi-media capable systems.

  Digital Tome's 2D Isometric game system benefits greatly from the use of F.A.S.T. Project's Digital-F/X blitting library!  If you are a developer using sprites you need to check this out: